Year 2008 Precipitation Climatology and Departures from Normal
for the High Plains Region and the U.S.
High Plains:
The western half of the High Plains region remained below normal for precipitation in 2008.  However, central Iowa through eastern Kansas and Oklahoma, as well as central Nebraska received above normal precipitation in 2008.  This was welcome relief for central Nebraska which had suffered recently through a 7 year drought.

Conterminous U.S.:
The majority of the conterminous 48 states received below normal precipitation in 2008. 
The notable exception to this was the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, eastern Kansas and northwestern Arkansas region which had well above normal precipitation totals.  Some of the areas within this region saw precipitation totals exceeding a foot above normal.

Precipitation summary maps for the High Plains and the Conterminous
U.S. are located below here.