January 1 through March 31, 2010 U.S Temperature Rankings 

The above map has the temperature departures for each of the climate divisions (about 10 per state)




Temperature Highlights - January 1 - March 31, 2010

  • For the year-to-date (January-March) period, climatic extremes were seen the Northeast where Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire each experienced their warmest such period. Other states that were abnormally warm were Washington (3rd warmest), Connecticut (7th warmest), Rhode Island and New York (8th warmest), Massachusetts and Michigan (9th warmest), and Oregon (10th warmest).
  • The unrelenting cool pattern during the winter season spilled into the three-month period as several states were below normal. It was Florida's coldest ever, Louisiana's second coldest, and the third coldest for Mississippi and Alabama. Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas also experienced a January-March period that ranked among their five coolest.



Use this link to get the graph for each state:  NCDC January-March Temperature Time Series for Each State


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