Its Called "Global Warming", Not "Nebraska Warming", Not "U.S. Warming"


Year 2009 Review


The concept here is simply that it may be cooler than normal in a region or for the entire U.S. but if the majority of the earth is warmer than normal, then we call it global warming.  The following maps show the monthly and then annual global temperature departures from normal and then the monthly and annual state temperature rankings.  A table is included which summarizes this information.  Note that the state rankings are based upon 1 = coldest and 115 = warmest.


Global Data 1880-2009:(130 years)
Jan. 2009:  7th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Feb. 2009:  9th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Mar. 2009: 10th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Apr. 2009:  5th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
May  2009:  4th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
June 2009:  2nd Warmest (Much Above Normal)
July 2009:  5th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Aug. 2009:  2nd Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Sep. 2009:  2nd Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Oct. 2009:  6th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Nov. 2009:  4th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Dec. 2009:  8th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Year 2009:  5th Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Nebraska Data 1895-2009:(115 years)
Nebraska Data 1895-2009:(115 years)
Jan. 2009:  83rd Coldest or  32nd  Warmest (Above Normal)
Feb. 2009:  87th Coldest or  28th  Warmest (Above Normal)
Mar. 2009:  65th Coldest or  50th  Warmest (Near Normal)
Apr. 2009:  29th Coldest or  86th  Warmest (Below Normal)
May  2009:  63rd Coldest or  52nd  Warmest (Near Normal)
June 2009:  33rd Coldest or  82nd  Warmest (Below Normal)
July 2009:   6th Coldest or 109th  Warmest (Much Below Normal)
Aug. 2009:  15th Coldest or 100th  Warmest (Below Normal)
Sep. 2009:  31st Coldest or  84th  Warmest (Below Normal)
Oct. 2009:   2nd Coldest or 113th  Warmest (Much Below Normal)
Nov. 2009: 109th Coldest or   6th  Warmest (Much Above Normal)
Dec. 2009:   8th Coldest or 107th  Warmest (MUCH Below Normal)
Year 2009:  17th Coldest or  98th  Warmest (Below Normal)



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